Lab manager at the University of Chicago

University of Chicago Lab Manager Position

The Early Social Thinkers Laboratory at the University of Chicago, directed by Dr. Lin Bian, is recruiting a full-time lab manager to begin in fall 2022 (with a preferred starting date in August). The EAST lab studies how children reason about the social world, including how children form stereotypes about social categories and how they make sense of intergroup interactions. The lab manager is essential to the smooth and productive functioning of the lab. There may also be opportunities to develop independent projects, attend conferences, and co-author manuscripts, therefore, this position is ideal for highly motivated individuals planning to pursue a PhD in developmental psychology, social psychology or related fields. The position can be renewed to multiple years, depending on the performance and career plan of the individual.

Required qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree in psychology, human development, education or a related field. The ideal candidate will have strong organizational skills; be enthusiastic about cognitive development research; comfortable with young children and families; and have strong, self-directed initiative, excellent organizational skills, and ability to take on challenges (in particular, with setting up a lab in its beginning phases). Programming, data analysis, and/or web design skills are always a plus.

Job responsibilities:

  • Manages daily and long-term operations within the lab.
  • Coordinates off-site, in-lab and online recruitment efforts.
  • Hires and trains research assistants.
  • Handles IRBs and other research documentation.
  • Sets up/maintains lab equipment.
  • Coordinates lab meetings and other lab-related events.
  • Provides general administrative support.
  • Designs and creates study stimuli.
  • Performs data collection.
  • Codes and analyzes data (with training).
  • Prepares research manuscripts and reports (with training).
  • Provides technical and administrative support for a research project.
  • Assists with the installation, sets up and performs experiments.
  • Performs other related work as needed.

Required Documents:

  • CV/Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Two reference letters


Applications received by July 20, 2022 will be given high priority, but the position will remain open until filled. To apply please visit:—Psychology_JR17452

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