research scientist position in Boston

Dr. Laurel Gabard-Durnam (PINE Lab, Boston USA) has an available research scientist position for a scientist with interests in exploring novel ways to robustly quantify EEG in the context of neurodevelopment, including functional connectivity, nonlinear, microstate, and other measures. Experience with developmental data is not necessary, but interest in developmental questions will best fit the lab’s goals (e.g. how is brain function constructed over time? How can we use EEG to understand brain change and its relation to behavior? How do different environmental and biological factors impact brain development trajectories and behavior?)

The research scientist will have access to largescale, global, longitudinal EEG datasets (and in many cases MRI) with rich environmental and behavioral data over infancy and childhood. These datasets can be used to address a variety of research program questions, depending on individual research interests. If interested, the scientist could also contribute to the lab’s ongoing efforts to improve signal processing for EEG data via our open-source HAPPE software. This person will become part of an international network of neuroscientists with opportunities to present research and travel internationally as interested.

Pending interest, this position may become a longterm collaborative partnership or expand to include other partnerships within our Center for Cognitive and Brain Health at Northeastern University. Dr. Gabard-Durnam views this opportunity as a way to provide a sustainable avenue for scientists who do not wish to run a lab themselves but enjoy contributing to science in an academic context with a diverse, vibrant team of scholars. Please see our lab culture page to understand our PINE Lab community values for our researchers (

We are housed in Northeastern’s ISEC building (awarded Boston’s most beautiful new building award) with state-of-the-art neuroimaging facilities.

Competitive salary for assistant professor positions in the area to begin.

If you are interested in this position, please reach out with a CV and cover letter to Dr. Gabard-Durnam ( Dr. Gabard-Durnam encourages individuals from under-represented groups in science to apply.

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