American University in Bulgaria – Seeking Psychology Adjunct Instructor

The American University in Bulgaria is seeking to hire an adjunct instructor to teach two or three entry-level psychology courses (Intro and Social) to our international, English-speaking undergraduate students from over 40 countries, mostly from Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia.

We will be hiring additional full-time PSY faculty to start in Fall 2023, and this adjunct position could lead to filling such a position with a considerable increase in compensation.

Our strong preference is for on-ground, in-person instruction, but we will consider online instruction from outstanding candidates.

Here is the link to the advert and how to apply:  under “Adjunct Assistant Professor (or Higher) in Psychology” under an “until filled” deadline.

In my opinion, every community psychologist should work and teach internationally outside of their home country; your idea of “context” will never be the same again! I learn something every day about (in my case) the USA and the world from my students and from living in Bulgaria. If you are looking for a challenge or a teaching experience a bit out of the mainstream, or are up for a little adventure and/or to expand your horizons I recommend this position highly.

We will be advertising to hire additional 1 or 2 full-time PSY faculty to start in Fall 2023. This adjunct position could lead to filling such a position with a considerable increase in compensation.

I have been living on and off in Bulgaria since 2009 and working at AUBG since 2016. The cost of living in Bulgaria is about 1/3 of that in the USA.  Having said that, you will not make much money in this position. We do not advertise a salary range like most American universities. We have a base salary with increments based on qualification.

This position is to teach between 6 and 9 credit hours. Assuming that you have a US or EU bachelor’s degree and doctorate, the compensation would be about $1000 USD per credit hour for an instructor and $1370 per credit hour for a full professor.

Our Fall semester starts 7 September to 20 December with a Fall break the first week of November.

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