Research Coordinator at University of Chicago

The TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health at the University of Chicago develops, tests, and implements evidence-based interventions designed to promote very young children’s cognitive and social-emotional development, with a priority placed on that of children living in poverty. TMW Center interventions are designed to be overlaid onto existing health, education, and social service systems working at scale in a given community in order to meet families where they already are. Our goal is to effect population-level change in children’s academic and developmental outcomes.

We are seeking a Research Coordinator to work on a project that aims to create the next iteration of a tool, the Scale of Parent/Provider Expectations And Knowledge (SPEAK), that has been developed and validated at the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health. The SPEAK is a clinical and research tool that fills a critical, previously unmet need in the early childhood field. Given the pivotal role that parents and caregivers play in shaping young children’s cognitive and language development, it is necessary to assess what they know and believe about that process. As part of the TMW Center’s commitment to investing in cutting-edge R&D to develop scalable, evidence-based interventions and tools, the TMW Center is developing a version of the SPEAK that uses computer-adaptive testing, called the SPEAK CAT. This version will streamline assessment by adapting to the individual responding to the questions and issuing new questions based on the level of knowledge they’ve displayed. The results of the SPEAK CAT will provide a more complete and useful picture of respondents’ knowledge and beliefs about child language and cognitive development, which can be used to more precisely target information and interventions for maximal individual and population-level impact.

The Coordinator will provide administrative and logistical support to the SPEAK CAT project team. The position will begin as soon as possible; ideally no later than July or August 2022.

To apply, please visit

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