Full-Time Paid Position for Post-BA Research Project Coordinator

Attached is a job posting for a full-time, paid position for a Research Project Coordinator at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. It’s a great way to get community-based intervention research experience with couples and some publications before applying to graduate school.

We are looking for someone to serve as Project Coordinator for two large-scale community-based effectiveness studies, along with administrative support for all research projects at The Family Institute. The Project Coordinator works closely with me on two studies. The first DOJ-funded study is a multi-site RCT testing the processes and mechanisms of change accounting for significant reductions in intimate partner violence in an ACT-based intervention. The second study is a prevention program for young couples that includes attention to multiple domains of relationship functioning (e.g., conflict, support, emotional intimacy, sex).

In practice, the job comprises about 1/3 of your time overseeing general admin tasks (processing payments, IRB, scheduling intervention groups), 1/3 of your time on substantive research with the team on the two projects listed below, and 1/3 of your time helping the team with data analysis, publication writing, grant writing, etc. for the two projects listed below.

Please see the following links for the Research Coordinator role.

Job Description


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